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Whether new to these markets or a pro, we can meet all your Cryptocurrency needs. We have hardware, software, and brokerage accounts to fill your orders and secure your funds. E-mail or call us and see how we can meet your cryptocurrency needs today.

Laura Hopkins, JD CEO
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Get Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other tokens in a custom, secure, and user-friendly manner.

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain technologies can be intimidating and challenging to navigate on your own.
  • Guardian Digital Investment Services provides point of service assistance in this challenging to grasp space.
  • Our directors have been in the ‘Fintech’ space since 2014 and have studied the markets like students in a classroom.
  • We can safely and effectively set you up with a digital portfolio in a secure, friendly, and understandable manner.
  • Our team is composed of intelligent, successful, disciplined, hard-working people.
  • Send us an E-mail and we can get you started with all the knowledge and tools to start HODL’ing without FOMO while ignoring FUD with a ‘Guardian Safe Digital Portfolio.’
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One wrong letter in a Bitcoin or Ethereum public address and all your money is gone. We help you get started in cryptocurrency on the right foot!

Stay Guarded

With hackers, viruses, and malware; we set you up with hardware and software to keep your investments protected!

Get The Gains

Blockchain technology is transformative and disruptive. Contact us soon and we will get you a started with a custom portfolio!

Hardware Included

We provide point-of-service help with all hardware and software included. We get you the portfolio you want!


We give you an added layer of confidence entering these markets

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  • Don’t accept undue risk and frustration when it comes your investments.
  • We will provide point-of-service assistance to kick-start your digital token portfolio.
  • We will help guide your portfolio choices and help diversify your investments in order to mitigate risk.
  • We provide all hardware needed for a safe and effective cryptocurrency transition.
  • We provide safe and principled investment strategies for portfolio guidance based on our knowledge of the digital marketplace.
  • We are friendly, easy to work with, and believe in the primacy of moral integrity in everything we do.