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The Founders

Laura Hopkins and Matthew Steehler have worked together on several projects including Mithril Ore Token . Laura is the chief executive officer of Mithril Ore Token, a utility token, built on the next application of Ethereum. Matthew is the president of the Mithril Ore Board of Directors. Matthew and Laura have work together like a Yin and a Yang – where Matt’s strengths and weaknesses compliment Laura’s – making for a strong and powerful duo.

Laura is an attorney in the USA State of Maine, and Matthew is an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician in Texas, USA. Laura and Matt have been in the cryptospace and followed the markets since 2014. They have a good grasp of conservative investment management in this volatile space

In addition to starting the Mithril Ore utility token, Matt and Laura have several other business ventures in the Digital Marketplace, as opportunities in this marketplace continue to grow. We are excited to help you get started and transition into the world of digital currency

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Meet Our Team

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Laura S. Hopkins
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Matthew K. Steehler
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Michael Mintz
Director Strategic Planning
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Lawrence Brown
Chief Technical Officer
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James Scribner
Chief Financial Officer
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Victor Tan
Chairman Web and Software Development